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Founded in 1952, Herald of Truth has an illustrious past that began as a local radio program. When we entered the sixties, our programs could be heard on 238 radio stations and 50 television stations throughout the United States. In the seventies, our coverage grew to 468 radio stations and 152 television stations. Many of our broadcasters became household names in the Christian community. Men like James Walter Nichols, James Willeford, Harold Hazelip, Batsell Barrett Baxter, Glenn Owen, Juan Monroy, Landon Saunders, Phillip Morrison and Randy Becton. 

Today, their legacy lives on as Herald of Truth has greatly expanded its global reach. Our radio and outreach programs now extend across the globe.

In the same way, Herald of Truth continues to make use of the latest technology, including social media. For several years, has been the site for our Internet evangelistic outreach. To keep the focus on our historic mission and commitment, we are identifying our ministry as Hope for Life, a Herald of Truth Ministry. 


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